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This massive project created an application for vets recommending therapeutic food products. Includes extensive record-keeping, relational database of medical conditions to food products, calculation of feeding amounts based on animal’s weight, age and condition, calculation of food supply and mix required based on product package sizes, time between vet visits and animal preference. The app then creates a personalised data sheet printout for the customer.

All customer and animal data drove CRM activity and a reward points programme for vet nurses. Included extensive integration with web services and SQL Server back-end.

Delivered as (1) standalone app for offline use, with synchronised data updates and (2) web app.

Project-managed all aspects of the strategy, development, implementation and support. Working with subject matter experts on content, designing the user experience, supervising database architecture and content management, software development, version control, testing and QA, documentation, roll-out, training and technical support.

It was a huge project and a huge success.